RFID Module X4RP Hybrid Interface

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A RFID reader board in the NFC frequency range of 13.56MHz with USB UID output or alternatively a UART TTL and Wiegand as hybrid interface. This reader board achieves a high readout range of up to 3cm even with small NFC implants and reads out all NFC implants in the IS01443A. These include NTAG216, as well as all common MIFARE Classic®transponders and NFC implants.

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A true multifunctional RFID reader board supports with separately installed 13.56MHz antenna, almost all transponders in the common ISO 14443A format. Communication takes place either via USB (keyboard input / keyboard simulation) or by means of Wiegand and UART TTL as a hybrid interface. In addition, the RFID board can also be integrated into Arduino systems. The required current can be supplied via the included USB cable or via the GND and VCC pins on the board 4.5-5.4V. A small orange LED is installed on the circuit board, which goes out when a transponder is read in.

Another highlight of this module is that the antenna can be separated at a predetermined breaking point, so that this can be operated separately from the module. Three types of installation can be used for this purpose:

Type A

Type B

Type C

More information can be found here in the data sheet.

Our RFID module X4RP Hybrid Interface supports MF1xxS20, MF1xxS70 and MF1xxS50 tags and is therefore compatible with an X3 implant. In addition, the module can also read all NTAG® series chipsets, as well as MIFARE Plus and MIFARE DESFire® chipsets, so that X2 and X4 users can also read their implants.

Format keyboard output USB version:
MIFARE Plus: 80576A328C3504
MIFARE Classic: 025C989C
DESFire EV1 Output: 805511126404
NTAG216 Output: 8038FF12A9A304

Compatible implants

  • NFC Implant X2

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    NFC Chip Implant with sterile injection device and accessories

    The NFC implant is delivered preloaded to the injection needle

    With this set you get everything you need to implant an NFC chip yourself or at one of our partner piercers. The NTAG216 NFC 2 standard is compatible with all major NFC enabled devices. If you do not wish piercing service, simply select “without service”.

  • NFC Implant X3

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    MIFARE® Classic compatible chip implant

    The NFC implant with 1K-4KByte memory and high compatibility.

    With this package you get everything you need to implant a NFC chip at a piercer you trust. The X3 version enjoys a high level of acceptance among existing readers and smartphones due to the widespread use of the MIFARE® Classic chip.

  • NFC Implantat X4

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    Includes 19% Tax
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    Chip Implantat mit 128AES Verschlüsselung

    Großer Speicher, erhöhte Sicherheit, Applikationen uvm.

    Mit diesem Paket erhalten Sie die nächste Generation der smarten Bodyupgrades. Das Implantat zeichnet sich nicht nur durch den großen 2KByte Speicher aus, sondern unterstützt bis zu 32 Applikationen on Board und kann optional via AES verschlüsselt werden.