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Admittedly, the large selection can certainly lead to uncertainty as to which implant is the right one. If you’ve already familiarized yourself with our overview, here’s a helpful blog article if you’re looking to replace an existing transponder, access card or similar.

We distinguish between RFID implants like the X1 and NFC implants of the X series. RFID implants can only be read by certain RFID readers and provided with a serial number. NFC implants, on the other hand, can be written to and read from smartphones themselves. In addition, NFC implants, like an RFID implant, can identify themselves to electronic access control systems.

There are two main basic functions. One function is the UID (serial number) which can be used to identify oneself on electronic devices. The other main function is the data storage of the implant. This can be freely written with almost any smartphone with NFC function. Both functions can be used in parallel. While smartphones read out the memory, e.g. electronic locking cylinder outputs the UID. Thus, these functions can be used independently of each other.

Unfortunately no. Credit cards are not regular NFC transponders and cannot be copied. Apple Pay or Google Pay cannot be linked at this time either. If you want to pay with an implant, a Paymanent implant is inevitably required.

Unfortunately, since there are currently no long-term studies regarding the implants, only consumer experiences exist. During an MRI or X-ray examination, the implant is harmless. The resonance of the magnetic field cannot cause any damage to the implant or human. Only “artifacts” may appear on scans and hinder an examination of the implanted site.

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