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NFC RFID Chip Implant with Sterile Injection Device

The low budget with less storage with all the more range!

With this set you get the chipset incl. injection needle. If you need a complete set and more memory, we recommend the X2 or the X3 NFC implant. If you do not want a procedure, simply select “No details”.

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NFC Implant X Range Description

The low budget NFC Set X Range contains an NFC implant of the type ISO/IEC 15693. This is mounted in a lead-free bio glass housing of the brand SCHOTT and measures a total of 2 x 12mm or depending on the version 3 x 13mm. The injection device is shipped together with the NFC implant in a sterile protective package. The chip is already preloaded in the injection device. The implant is read by most smartphones with NFC. Programming can also be done via smartphone / app, but please note that this requires an NFC controller from NXP. Whether your smartphone has this NFC controller can be found here. If this is not indicated, it is recommended to test this via transponder card. Otherwise, however, it is possible to program the implant via NFC Writer. We recommend the following link.

If you are unsure whether your existing access system or smartphone is compatible, we offer appropriate test cards.

How to become a CYBORG




Notes without intervention of the partner piercer

The NFC implant without the intervention of a partner piercer, includes everything needed to place an NFC implant. Please note that with inexperienced implantation, veins and muscle tissue can be injured. Please consult qualified personnel to minimize the risk of injury. You are also welcome to use our partner piercers without the procedure, which can be booked through us. In this case, however, we cannot calculate the costs for the procedure.

Notes with intervention of the partner piercer

This option includes not only the chip set with injection needle, but we also take care of the payment processing of the injection at one of our partner piercers. You individually make an appointment with one of our piercers. If we do not have a piercer in your area, please contact us and we will find a suitable piercer for you free of charge. Here, too, a 30-day cooling-off period applies.

Notes on the NFC implant in everyday life

These notes are empirical values from customers or in-house tests and not state-approved tests. In exceptional cases or under certain conditions, the notes mentioned below may become invalid.


The NFC implant remains unnoticed at controls. The metal content is too small to be detected by detectors.


The implant can withstand high speeds and is safe up to Mach 3. The NFC implant presses easily into the tissue.


The NFC implant survives a sauna session without any problems. The internal body temperature is automatically regulated by the sweat.


Competitive sports such as climbing or martial arts can be practiced without any problems. To avoid injuries, gloves should be worn when using long guns.


Working with heavy equipment or tools is no problem here, as the NFC implant is optimally embedded in the tissue and thus protected.


If you use a gun professionally, the recoil has no influence on the implant. Semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons of caliber 5.56mm – 9mm were tested.


The diving depth is almost unlimited. This was tested up to 40m, but the NFC implant also holds deeper dives that go beyond the recreational diving depth of about 40m.


Commercially available magnets do not affect the implant. According to many experience reports, even the CT and MRI is harmless.

Components that make our NFC implant a quality product

MIFARE® from NXP Semiconductors / Philips is the world’s largest chip manufacturer of NFC technology. This is built into almost every Android smartphone and contactless smart cards and is characterized by maximum compatibility, due to the worldwide range, as well as by durability.

SCHOTT is a leading German and international technology group in the fields of special glass and glass ceramics. In order to guarantee our NFC implant a robust and safe casing for you, we have chosen a bioglass casing “SCHOTT 8625 transponder glass”. You can find more information about the glass here.


Warnings before use

Please read these instructions for our product carefully.

Our implants are sterile packed. Please check that the packaging has remained undamaged and that the paper has not become wet. The yellow field, which is visible on the sterile packaging, is decisive for this. Once the protective packaging has been opened, our product is excluded from exchange. Please refrain from doing so until shortly before the procedure. Premature opening increases the risk of infection of the puncture wound. In addition, piercers usually refuse the procedure if the sterility of the needle is limited. The implant cannot be tagged in the syringe. The metal of the syringe prevents communication with the smartphone. Therefore, this is not a characteristic that the implant is defective.

We strongly advise having the procedure performed by professionals. In case of independent implantation, not only veins or muscle tissue can be injured, but there is also an increased risk of infection. Even as a customer without an ordered procedure you can use our partner piercers. If we do not list a partner in your area, please contact us. We will do the search for you free of charge. The use of the chip as an implant is exclusively at your own risk.

A look into the future
Be one step ahead of evolution with an NFC implant.

With the purchase of one of our implants, your journey as a cyborg does not end, but rather begins. Because already now you have not only bought an NFC implant, but full all-round support and continuous development of the technology without having to exchange the implant. You are one step ahead of many end devices, so most of the possibilities offered by the NFC implant are not yet available. However, we already have a variety of uses that we publish on the NFC Possibilities subpage and features are constantly being added. The possibilities are in themselves limited only by one’s own creativity. With about 200 available NFC apps and countless NFC end devices, the NFC Implant can be used very individually. You are well prepared for the future with your NFC Implant.

Programming the NFC Implant

We recommend the app “NFC Tools”, which is easy to use and does not require any JAVA knowledge. Simply search for “NFC Tools” in the Google PlayStore. Whether your smartphone is NFC capable and which chipsets are supported can be found not only in the data sheet of the smartphone, but also on the website: How to describe and scan your NFC Implant correctly can also be found as a video tutorial on our YouTube channel. Note that our NFC implant packaged is not writable. The aluminum of the needle prevents data transmission.

Read out NFC implant

To read out the implant you need an NFC active transponder. This can be an electronic door cylinder or a smartphone. If you want to share your stored business card, it is sufficient to hold your hand on the back of the smartphone. Depending on the manufacturer, the antenna, i.e. the battery, is installed at different heights. Therefore, it is a matter of practice until you know where the antenna is installed by which manufacturer. The good thing is that the other person’s smartphone does not need an additional app to read out the business card.

After a large number of tests, the current SONY Xperia and SAMSUNG devices from the Galaxy 4 series onwards have proven particularly successful. A readout rate of 96% was achieved with these smartphones. For other manufacturers, we recommend our tutorial on our website to achieve a similar rate. Please contact us if you want to use other end devices like security systems, multimedia devices or readers. There are some differences in the chipset of the reader antennas.

Why I am ROBOT?

Why choose an NFC implant from I am ROBOT?

We work with original NXP® chipsets. NXP® is a Dutch company founded by Phillips® and was the first to develop RFID-based NFC technology. In terms of connectivity, this plays a minor role, but it is important to us to achieve the maximum longevity. In our opinion, this goal can only be achieved with an original NXP® chipset. The original NXP® signature can easily be tested with the app “NFC Tools”. If you read in your NFC implant purchased from us, the certificate appears in the read-in process. This is marked with “Signature valid”. We advise you to choose only original NXP® chipsets for NFC implants, because a copy can never be as good as the original.

Quality control

We are convinced that high quality products will always prevail in the long run and therefore we can offer products with much more than the classic 12 months warranty. We guarantee the complete functionality of our NFC implants for at least 10 years. We can do this with a clear conscience, as we check the function, antennas and solder joints of the implants and sort them out if necessary.

But that’s not all. If your implant needs to be replaced, you will not only receive a new one free of charge, but this again includes the complete 10-year warranty.

The appointment with the partner piercer is getting closer and closer and you are wondering whether it would not be better to do without an NFC implant. We understand that and therefore we grant a full 30 days to reconsider this step. Please just make sure that the packaging remains closed and this does not apply to customized goods.

Bought! Customer? Written off and no longer worth anything except for resale measures. This is the reality in a consumer society. All we can do is make sure that our customers feel comfortable with our product even after the purchase and receive support in all application areas. In addition to our application tutorials, we provide phone and mail support. Via email we can be reached by interested parties and customers even on weekends. Regardless of how long you have owned your implant, if you are unsure of any application options, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.