NFC Implant 3x15mm
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NFC Implant X3

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MIFARE® Classic compatible chip implant

The NFC implant with 1K-4KByte memory and highest compatibility.

With this package you get everything you need to implant an NFC chip at a piercer of your confidence. The version X3 enjoys due to the wide distribution of the MIFARE® Classic chip, a high acceptance with existing readers and smartphones, as well as an unusually high reading range.

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NFC Implant X3 Description

The NFC Set X3 contains an NFC chip implant of the type ISO 14443 / MIFARE® Classic compatible. This is encased in a biocompatible protective sleeve from SCHOTT and measures 3x13mm or optionally 3x15mm. The injection needle, which contains the chipset, is shipped in a sterile protective package. This version is compatible with the MIFARE® Classic chipset and holds 1KByte or 4KByte of data.

If you are unsure whether your existing access system or smartphone is compatible, we offer appropriate test coins and test implants.

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Notes without piercer-service

The NFC implant without the intervention of a partner piercer, includes everything needed to place an NFC implant. Please note that with inexperienced implantation, veins and muscle tissue can be injured. Please consult qualified personnel to minimize the risk of injury. You are also welcome to use our partner piercers without the procedure, which can be booked through us. In this case, however, we cannot calculate the costs for the procedure.

Notes with piercer-service

This option includes not only the chipset with injection needle, but we also take care of the payment processing of the injection at one of our partner piercers. After the purchase we will inform the chosen piercer about the purchase. Now you can make an appointment with the piercer individually. If we do not have a piercer in your area, contact us and we will find a suitable piercer for you free of charge. Here, too, a 30-day cooling-off period applies.

Testimplant X3
Non-sterile implant for testing smartphone or home automation compatibility


NFC Testcoin
Test card in EC card format to check compatibility regardless of range


Components that make our NFC implant a quality product

MIFARE® from NXP Semiconductors / Philips is the world’s largest chip manufacturer of NFC technology. This is built into almost every Android smartphone and contactless smart cards and is characterized by maximum compatibility, due to the worldwide range, as well as by durability.

SCHOTT is a leading German and international technology group in the fields of special glass and glass ceramics. In order to guarantee our NFC implant a robust and safe casing for you, we have chosen a bioglass casing “SCHOTT 8625 transponder glass”. You can find more information about the glass here.

Scope of delivery

Symbol NFC Implantat mit Injektionsnadel

Sterile packed NFC implant,
preloaded in a hypodermic needle

Symbol für Pflaster NFC Implantat

10 plaster strips, extremely
waterproof, transparent

NFC Implantat Desinfektionsmittel

Disinfectant wipes

NFC Implantat X2 Guide

Small guide for getting started
with website references

Wundpflaster für NFC Implantat

MaiMed® porefix wound dressing
2 pieces, 7 x 5

 Sterile Handschuhe für Injektion

MaiMed® Copolymer
Examination gloves

Why I am ROBOT?

Why choose an NFC implant from I am ROBOT?

We work with original NXP® chipsets. NXP® is a Dutch company founded by Phillips® and was the first to develop RFID-based NFC technology. In terms of connectivity, this plays a minor role, but it is important to us to achieve the maximum longevity. In our opinion, this goal can only be achieved with an original NXP® chipset. The original NXP® signature can easily be tested with the app “NFC Tools”. If you read in your NFC implant purchased from us, the certificate appears in the read-in process. This is marked with “Signature valid”. We advise you to choose only original NXP® chipsets for NFC implants, because a copy can never be as good as the original.

Quality control

We are convinced that high quality products will always prevail in the long run and therefore we can offer products with much more than the classic 12 months warranty. We guarantee the complete functionality of our NFC implants for at least 10 years. We can do this with a clear conscience, as we check the function, antennas and solder joints of the implants and sort them out if necessary.

But that’s not all. If your implant needs to be replaced, you will not only receive a new one free of charge, but this again includes the complete 10-year warranty.

The appointment with the partner piercer is getting closer and closer and you are wondering whether it would not be better to do without an NFC implant. We understand that and therefore we grant a full 30 days to reconsider this step. Please just make sure that the packaging remains closed and this does not apply to customized goods.

Bought! Customer? Written off and no longer worth anything except for resale measures. This is the reality in a consumer society. All we can do is make sure that our customers feel comfortable with our product even after the purchase and receive support in all application areas. In addition to our application tutorials, we provide phone and mail support. Via email we can be reached by interested parties and customers even on weekends. Regardless of how long you have owned your implant, if you are unsure of any application options, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.