You run a piercing studio? Excellent! Then why not join our Europe-wide network as a partner piercer and benefit from additional customers, without any membership fees or the like. We see ourselves as a specialist dealer for NFC chip implants and are constantly expanding our partner network in order to refer our customers to qualified piercers. You will not incur any costs and will of course be remunerated for your efforts.

Free mediation

I am ROBOT customers can access our partners without obligation, inquire and make an appointment


We continue to provide technical support for our implants and remain your first point of contact

Attractive compensation

The intervention costs, which are settled through our store, will be paid to you after the intervention without commission

Customers have the option to pay for the procedure when purchasing an NFC implant during the product selection process. This surcharge is about 50EUR. The customer receives the implant from us with all the materials required for implantation. The customer chooses a partner and contacts you independently.

If the intervention has taken place, we need the customer’s invoice number from you. The invoice is taken to the studio by the customer. The cost will be paid in the following 5 working days via bank transfer. A credit note with VAT. (except VAT not EU) you will receive approx. 1 working day before the value date on your business account.

Of course, you can also buy our chipsets at attractive prices and distribute them independently. We will be happy to assist you with support and information material.

Please keep in mind that if you choose only distribution model 2, we will not be able to add you to our network, as customers use the network primarily to find piercers who have paid with us for the procedure they have already booked.

However, both distribution models can be combined with pleasure. If you are interested in specific chipsets, you are welcome to request a price scale via mail to

Settlement process

The customer finds a piercer near him and makes an appointment with them independently. He brings the sterile implant and the invoice to the implantation appointment.

After the chipset is set, send us via mail the invoice number or the name of the customer.

We will create a credit note with VAT and send it to you via mail. Your fee of 50EUR will be transferred within 5 working days.

Information documents

User Guide

A small manual that every customer receives upon delivery of an NFC implant

Demo invoice

This is how you can tell if you can bill the customer yourself or if you need to forward it to us

Demo credit

In this form you will receive a credit note via mail after you have reported a customer to us



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