NFC Payment Implant Walletmor


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The NFC implant with payment function.

Pay with a wave of the hand at the cash register.

As an official partner of Walletmor, we distribute the new NFC payment implant. The implant is recognized by all card terminals that can also generally read credit cards with NFC. Due to the innovative design, this is very small and narrow compared to other payment implants with which you can pay. The implant is encased in a USP Class VI biocompatible shell, which is the highest level of biocompatibility protection.

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NFC Payment Implant Walletmor Description

The NFC Payment Implant contains a Walletmor brand NFC chip, is biocompatible and lasts between 7-8 years. This has been encased by Walletmor in a biocompatible silicone shell and chemically inert so that this is not affected by the tissue. The implant itself is shipped in a sealed and sterile bag. We recommend implantation in the inner forearm. The implant has a readout range of approx. 5 cm and measures approx. 27.5×7.5×0.7mm. Please note that the expiration date of the prepaid chipset, may vary due to the manufacturing and delivery process.

Please keep in mind that the NFC Payment Implant cannot be delivered and placed in a syringe like the other implants. The implant itself has a durability of about 7-8 years. Furthermore, a bank account is necessary to recharge the implant. The implant is custom-made and cannot be exchanged for hygienic reasons. Please note that our partner network cannot be used for this implant and therefore the costs for the procedure are not included.

Available functions – NFC Payment Implant

Wallet compatible

The implant is compatible with Google and Apple Wallet and can be paired with the iCard app.

Cash withdrawals

Many ATMs are equipped with an NFC reader. This allows the withdrawal of cash.


You can individually and quickly scale daily, weekly and monthly limits and determine the maximum amount of a single transaction.

Usable worldwide

The Payment Implant can be used at all credit card acceptance points worldwide.

House bank compatible

To use the Payment Implant, you only need an account within the EU.

App configurable

You can configure and temporarily lock the payment implant using the iCard app.

Why does the payment implant cost a little more at I am ROBOT? Since Walletmor is an English supplier outside the EU, the implant has already been taxed for you (19EUR + customs) and there are no more taxes to pay. In addition, you get free shipping, German support, instructions in German, and a medical supply kit that includes gloves, plasters, and a Tegaderm transparency bandage from 3M.


These Bodymoder are listed by us as contacts for this payment implant. These studios are recommended by I am ROBOT, but agreements, as well as dates and remuneration of a possible service, are the subject of the customer and the piercer / bodymoder listed here. Customers with a regular X-Series NFC implant, can continue to contact our listed partner without restriction.