The classic meal ticket is still common in clubs and events, but digital solutions are becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons for switching to digital meal tickets. Digital consumption cards implemented in apps or RFID wristbands are transparent for the customer and for saves time when ordering drinks and food. Often organizers also work with credit systems that can be topped up before and during the event.


The function of the digital consumption card, is simply explained. At the entrance of an event or club, the customer receives an RFID transponder in the form of a ribbon, sticker (see photo) or card. Each RFID transponder has a unique ID (serial number). This serial number is activated and a kind of “account” is created in the POS system. If you now hold your RFID transponder on a reader, e.g. to read the RFID data, you can use the RFID transponder to read the data. to pay for a drink, the reader reads the serial number of your transponder. The ordered goods will then be deposited to the account (serial number). The goods are therefore not stored on the transponder, but the serial number is linked to the orders in the POS system.


According to this principle, lockers or other services can also be used. If you now leave the event, the transponder is read and the POS system checks which goods and services are linked to your serial number so that you can pay for them in the regular way. Some event or club operators also work with apps with which you can then also make the payment.


Since our NFC implants also have a serial number, the serial number of the NFC implant can also be stored in the POS system. When an order is placed, the serial number of the implant is then stored, as would be the case with an ordinary transponder.


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NFC transponder

The serial number is taught to the POS system. Now goods can be booked on this.


Order goods

You can now purchase goods via the POS system using your NFC transponder and its serial number.


Database query

At the checkout, the serial number is read and all goods ordered so far are displayed.

Alternatively, of course, also possible with NFC sticker.

This function cannot be applied to all clubs and events that use NFC or RFID technology. This technology is very versatile and explain with this subpage, only the implementation of the wine cellar in Dortmund. The operator of events and clubs is free to accept this payment method, even if he has the appropriate setup.

Required software

Ex. DIKAS cash register system

Hardware needed

X2 NFC Chip Implant
X3 / X3 Elite Chip Implant


NFC compatible reader e.g. ACS 122 U

Required memory



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