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Ditch the key, unlock doors with an NFC implant.

Keys are not only as old as time, they also can put us in unfortunate situations. We lose them, forget them or they are in the way during sports and other activities. How would it be to have your key in an NFC chip implant wherever you go? It might be a disadvantage for locksmiths but it’s time for an innovation, keeping your safety in mind.

Each NFC chip implant has a unique serial number called IUD which you can load and erase with a so-called “masterkey”. Take your NFC lock with you when you move or transfer your IUD to the new lock, that way you don’t need to exchange your implant. Reading out an NFC chip implant and trespassing? Possible, but extremely difficult, whereas stealing a regular key and copying it, is not all hard. Since the implant has a small range and someone would have to know that the implant is there and have the users address, breaking and entering would be unlikely.

Please contact us if you decide on an alternative lock, NFC is not always NFC.

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