NFC lock cylinder X3Z 3in1

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NFC locking cylinder in Euro profile as MIFARE® version with Bluetooth and Touch PIN

Suitable for NFC Implant X2 / X2.1 and X3 / X3Elite

Open doors with an NFC tag or NFC implant and without a keychain. The X3Z has user management and smarthome integration with the Tuya or Smart Life app.

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NFC Lock Cylinder X3Z Description

With our NFC lock cylinder X3Z with Bluetooth, you can leave your front door key at home in the future.

The NFC locking cylinder X3Z with Bluetooth can of course not only be opened very easily with an X2 or X3 NFC implant, but also with a standard NFC tag, fob or card for non-cyborgs. In addition, the electronic locking cylinder offers opening via temporary PIN entry with time limit, as well as Bluetooth. Due to the individual cylinder length, the NFC locking cylinder can be installed in almost any European door lock. This allows the Euro profile and turn knob to the inside. Installation is possible in a few minutes with a screwdriver. The NFC locking cylinder can be used for indoor and covered outdoor areas.

We do not tie our customers to our NFC tag followers. You can easily use existing transponders or purchase some on your own at low cost. It is only important to pay attention to the following specification: “MIFARE® Classic 1K” also typical designations are “M1 compatible” or “S50”. If you are still unsure, we are happy to help!

Please make sure to order the correct length of the locking cylinder. A return is of course possible, but generates a very high personnel expenditure, since the locking cylinders must be completely reconditioned and reconfigured for security reasons.

Electronic locking cylinder – next level.

With Bluetooth and Smarthome App connection –
Configure, control, manage and monitor NFC locking cylinders.

Your Electronic Access in your pocket as a smartphone and not a key. Using Bluetooth and the app (Tuya App or Smart Life), you can not only open the cylinder, but also configure temporary access rights and delete them again. Furthermore, multiple NFC cylinders can be controlled in the app and NFC implants can be taught and managed.

The electronic NFC locking cylinder of the extra class, with many additional features, such as time-controlled and weekday access restriction, group and user management and its check-in history, personalized NFC tags and much more. And the best – the lock cylinder fits in almost any European house or apartment entrance door.

Both compatible apps are available for free download on both platforms.

The top functions of our electronic locking cylinder

The top functions of our electronic locking cylinder

The X3Z electronic locking cylinder allows you to set up temporary accesses. These temporary accesses, can be limited in time. Limitation of access is done by specifying the start and end dates, as well as the days of the week on which access is to be granted. If this access expires, renewal is only possible in the Admin Panel. Temporary access can only be made via PIN, which can then be shared via WhatsApp or similar. If it is an account that should have limited access, it can also use the NFC and Bluetooth function.

The X3Z electronic locking cylinder can be optionally integrated into your Smarthome automation system. For this purpose, it supports most of the scenes of the Smart Life and Tuya Smart apps. The following automations can be set:
– Open when approaching the lock (100m+)
– Open or close when an outdoor temperature (location) is reached or decreases
– Only allow manual opening when living room light is on
– Launch Spotify when lock is unlocked

Regardless of which user opens the electronic locking cylinder, each key is optionally assigned its own name, so that not only the person who opened the lock is documented, but also the medium that was used to open the locking cylinder. In addition, users can be deleted from the system on a scheduled basis, regardless of the opening option stored. Especially this option is suitable for hotels or couchsurfer offers.

The locking cylinder can be easily operated with 4x AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries and thus allows approx. 1,000 openings until the battery should be replaced. The current battery level is displayed in the app. In addition, the locking cylinder has a USB interface, so that this Bspw. can be supplied with power externally via a powerbank.

Scope of delivery

Lock cylinder X3Z

X3Z NFC lock cylinder in the desired size.

Details: Multi electronic lock cylinder in package with dimensions 260×110,5×50,5mm and weight 760g.


Small guide that helps you to install and configure the locking cylinder professionally.

Details: Printing from Germany, 4Pages, Color 4/4

Installation tool

Installation tool and mounting screws in various lengths

Details: 1 pcs allen key, 2 pcs fixing screws for knob and battery compartment, 2 pcs plastic fittings.

NFC tags

The locking cylinder comes with already three NFC tags in key fob format, which can be taught to the electronic locking cylinder.

Details: 3 pieces passive NFC tags, MIFARE Classic compatible, color: blue

Order correct size

This electronic lock cylinder complies with CE, FCC and RoHs standards. Furthermore, it complies with the requirements and relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC of the EU, as well as the requirements of Directive 1999/5/EC.

In order to choose the right cylinder length, you need to open the door and measure from the center of the cylinder screw in both sides. Note that you measure to the outermost point of the cylinder or until the fitting of the door ends. Now measure e.g. to the inside 35 mm and to the outside 35 mm, please select the 37.5/37.5 cylinder. If you are unsure, loosen the screw and remove the cylinder from the door. Please note for asymmetrical cylinder, the outside and inside.