Check in at the gym with his NFC chip implant.

Leave your membership card at home, because you will no longer need it. However, your NFC implant not only allows you to pass through the turnstile, but also to control end devices such as the NFC device. the beverage plant, a solarium. Fitness equipment such as vibration plates can also be controlled.

If you want to lock your locker this is often possible as well, since many gyms don’t use personal lockers and so you can use any transponder to lock and open. The NFC chip implant has a UID number, which all other transponders, i.e. membership cards, also have. This number is compared with the membership management system when using equipment or when entering. If there are no open claims and you have the right to use this function, e.g. a beverage system, by booking subscriptions, the device activates the system. Where the source of the serial number comes from is not relevant here.

Please check beforehand if your gym supports MIFARE Ultralight® C or MIFARE Classic® transponders and if the staff would be willing to change the existing serial number. At this point, we cannot give a blanket guarantee whether this function works in all gyms because too many unknown factors play a decisive role.

Each gym is free to recognize the NFC chip implant as an alternative to the membership card. Membership cards and transponders are economic factors for gyms.

Required software

Studio with a member management
or gym software such as agilea

Hardware needed

X2 NFC Chip Implant
X3 / X3 Elite Chip Implant

MIFARE® supported gym

Required memory



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