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Check into your fitness studio using an NFC chip implant.

You can leave your membership card at home, you won’t need it anymore. Your NFC implant can grant you entry through turnstiles, you can operate other devices like dispensers, tanning beds or fitness devices like vibration plates.

Fitness studios usually don’t have personal lockers which makes it possible to use any transponder to open and lock your personal belongings away. The NFC chip implant uses a UID number like all other transponders in membership cards. When using devices or being admitted to a studio, this number goes to administration. If you have a subscription and there aren’t any open sums to your account, the device- i.e. a drink dispenser- is readily usable. The source for the serial number is irrelevant.

Please consult with your fitness studio if they support MIFARE Ultralight® C or MIFARE Classic® transponders and if the staff are willing to change the existing serial number. At this point we can’t guarantee that all areas of your fitness studio will be compatible, as there are alot of variables that play a role in these functions.

Every fitness studio has the right to aknowledge an NFC chip implant as an alternative to a membership card. Membership cards and transponders are economic factors for fitness studios.

Necessary Software

Studio with a member administration
or Fitnessstudio Software i.e. agilea

Necessary Hardware

X2 NFC Chip Implant

Fitness studio that supports MIFARE®

Necessary Data



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