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Have your business card on you wherever you go with an NFC chip implant. Throughout the times we collect tons of business cards and contact information, that eventually end up in a bin without ever having saved or updated the contact elsewhere. Why print everything on a piece of paper, when you can transfer data directly to your smartphone using an NFC implant?

Not just for business relations- when meeting someone who’s name you couldn’t remember whilst adding their number to your contacts is always an awkward situation. In another case you might have lost an important number or misplaced someones card but still remember their name. Using our technology, transfers are not just limited to phone numbers and email; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are also available for data transfer.

Data recipients do not need an app or similar programs. All you need is an NFC capable smartphone.

Necessary Software

App NFC Tools

NFC Tools Playstore

Necessary Hardware

X2 NFC Chip Implant

NFC capable smartphone

Necessary Data



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