The NFC Payment Implant is here!

We are taking off! Pay easily and worldwide at the supermarket checkout with our new payment implant. It will soon be possible to pay for your purchases without having to pull out your wallet.

Take the next step in digital transformation with us.



Register your NFC Payment Implant by simply holding it up to your NFC smartphone. The implant can then be managed, charged and locked in the app. Furthermore, all current transactions are synchronized.


Since the implant is a fully prepaid credit card, it must first be topped up with credit via the app. This is possible via bank transfer or online direct transfers to immediately dispose of the credit.


The NFC Payment Implant is now ready for use. You can now pay at NFC card terminals, as well as via stationary POS by hand. The prerequisite is that the terminal is already equipped with the contactless NFC payment system.




With our NFC Payment Implant you can pay at all contactless POS systems worldwide. As you are used to with your credit card, the amount is then converted to the owner’s currency and posted. The conversion factor from the previous day is applied here. However, additional charges may be levied by the operator of the POS system. Withdrawing money from NFC-enabled ATMs is also possible.


The app supports all German banks. However, not all banks are yet supported for direct top-ups via the app. In this case, a manual transfer must be made to the deposited account, otherwise the amount is immediately available to the implant via flash transfer and can be used. Meanwhile, you can find out which accounts support this feature at the end of this landing page.


You can track and export all transactions that occur via the NFC payment implant in the app at any time. This is done by the application receiving live data from the credit institution about the use of the NFC payment implant, so that you always have an overview of your spending and can view current balances. Optionally, the application also supports push notifications that appear in the status bar a few seconds after a transaction.


You can disable various functions via the app, so that, for example. Cash withdrawals are blocked. Furthermore, the app has a geoblocking feature to exclude certain countries from use. A complete blocking of the card is also possible.


Decide on the limit of your NFC Payment Implant. We only specify a small 4-digit frame amount that determines the maximum credit. In addition, there are the limitations that you can configure yourself via the app. This includes the number of transactions and the daily and cash limit. If these limits are exceeded, the payment process is cancelled, as with other credit cards.

Can an existing credit card be copied to the Payment Implant?

Unfortunately no. Credit cards cannot be copied easily.

What online banks with flash transfer supports the implant?

Deutsche Bank, ING-DiBa, Sparkasse, ComDirect, Volksbank

Can I use the other remaining functions with the payment implant?

The implant is suitable for payment transactions only. If this is used for other functions, this could lead to a defect.

Any questions left unanswered?
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