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We distribute chip implants for the human body. The implant is based on NFC technology, the same technology built in current android smartphones. It is usually placed between thumb and forefinger by qualified personnel, most of our clients choose one of our partner piercers. The chip is compatible with human tissue and only 2x21mm in size, thus barely noticeable. Unlock your car, transfer contact data – discover all the possibilities and stay a step ahead of evolution.

secure NFC Implant

No Spy – No Tracking

The implant does not have the necessary chipset, nor can it create its own electricity thus making it impossible to track movement via Wifi or GPS.

Inserting Chip Implant

Easily implanted – easily removed

The procedure only takes a few minutes. Removal is just as simple, the implant does not grow in. Guaranteed use for at least 5 years.

Originale NFC Implantate

Best price – Original chipsets

Not only do we offer an unbeatable direct support, we can also guarantee the best price for original NXP® MIFARE® chips with maximum compatibility.

Your new abilities with an NFC implant


Not just for nerds and technology enthusiasts. A useful companion for every-day use, the RFID implant is more than a replacement for your keys. Industries see a trend and have built the same technology in smartphones, digital cameras, cars and even refrigerators. Not only can „I am ROBOT“ offer you a platform for information, it also allows you to purchase your own NFC implant in our shop. Our chips were developed using the newest ISO norms and are compatible with the latest NFC devices. Please contact us if you are unsure whether your device will work with an NFC chip.


The implant is cased in a lead and nickel-free glass making it completely compatible for skin tissue.  However, we cannot cover any liability or responsibility as the procedure is classified as unnecessary such as a tattoo or piercing and the decision is everyone’s own choice.


An NFC is simultaneously a RFID implant but not the other way around. This means the NFC is a specification of the RFID technology. The reason you will the term NFC more often on our website is due to the fact that RFID is a very wide term, this way we can make sure our implants will work with your phones, locks, smartwatches, etc. More in our article here.


Why not? Largely due to the media not having reported all that much, not many people know about NFC implants although it’s integrated in almost every smartphone. Especially since we know how authorities handle our data, protecting our private information is becoming ever more important. On this aspect, chip implants are often viewed as careless and phrases such as “you’re being watched” or “data slave” are not uncommon. When addressing these concerns it becomes clear that a chip implant based on NFC is safer than any wallet and in comparison to any phone or device is completely GPS resistant.



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