RFID NFC test implant

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Single NFC chip implant non-sterile and without accessories

The NFC implant supplied without a hypodermic needle and open

This implant is intended for testing purposes only. It is not sterile and is offered to test existing systems and smartphones for compatibility.

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RFID / NFC test implant

You are unsure whether the implant meets your requirements? Then you have come to the right place. We offer our customers test implants shipped un-sterilized in a bag. You can read out and describe the test implant and teach it to access control systems. The NFC implants can be tested for a full 30 days to ensure you have found the implant that is right for you. We format the implants beforehand and reset them to factory settings so that this is immediately ready for use and can be programmed using a smartphone. For this we recommend the app “NFC Tools” or “NXP Writer”. You can find out more in this article.

It will be shipped 2x12mm version unless otherwise specified at checkout under customer notes. Unless the desired model is only available in 3x13mm.


Which test implant should I choose?

We have created an overview of all our NFC chip implants here. Our favorite implant is the X2. This can be written and read by all NFC smartphones.

I would like to replace a transponder

Would you like to not only describe and read out your implant using a smartphone in the future, but also use it to replace a transponder card? Then it’s this way.

Indications that speak for compatibility

After you receive the implant, you can use it to test compatibility. It does not need to be programmed or configured. For example, if you have use an electronic cylinder, you can use the implant like an existing NFC transponder and try to teach it. If you do not have access to the system, eg. at access controls in the office or in the gym, it is sufficient if you also use the implant as a transponder. If this is rejected, the probability that this transponder type is supported is very high, since the reader unit receives and can process the transmitted information.

Performance comparison

You can show and hide implants by clicking on the model in the legend.



To determine this value, the reading board X3P USB and X2R Stick were used. The guide value is without unit of measurement and refers exclusively as a comparative value to other implants.


Some chipsets cannot be read or written with all smartphone models. Main causes are: Restriction by the operating system, a too thick smartphone case or one that shields NFC signals (metal).

Access / access control systems

If you want to control access systems with your implant, we have determined a value based on user experience and manufacturer that reflects the probability of compatibility. This value is not a substitute for a detailed test using a test implant.


There are a number of RFID / NFC readers on the market that can read NFC transponders. Many of these readers do not support all formats or are simply too weak to read NFC implants.

UID / Encryption

Each implant has a UID or CUID or also called ID in the case of 125Khz chipsets, which can identify themselves on control units etc.. This serial number, which is usually read alphanumerically, varies in length and is encrypted to varying degrees.


Door locks, readers and smartphones can read passive NFC transponders. Manufacturers of these devices determine which chipsets are supported. Therefore, there is a different distribution of individual chipset types. However, this is not an indicator that this chipset must also be the right one for you.


The memory size of the chipsets, is often overestimated and attributed too great a benefit. The memory of the implants is very small, but more than sufficient for most requirements. A business card, for example, requires only a memory of about 100byte.

Scope of delivery


Chipset non-sterile, individually packed

Chipset without injection material. The implant is shipped in a non-sterile bag. The sterilization of the regular implants are regularly tested by an independent German laboratory. Details: SIGMA Medical Supplies corp.


You will receive our online guide as a print version. The little guide will help you get a good start in the world of chip implants and has a few tips and tricks ready for you. Details: Printing from Germany, 20 pages, color 4/4