NFC RFID Writer X3W Cloned Multi Frequency


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NFC Writer for cloning UID and serial numbers

This USB NFC RFID Writer can be used to clone the serial numbers of LF 125kHz transponders / implants, as well as 13.56MHz NFC implants.

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Besides our recommended U122 from ACS, we also offer our own Writer for copying the UID. This writer is connected to the PC via USB and operated with our I am ROBOT UID copying software. With our Writer, DUMP files can be created, i.e. images of entire MIFARE® Classic transponders and stored directly on the device as a backup. Furthermore, existing DUMP files can be uploaded and used. The UID can thus be changed and overwritten indefinitely using DUMP File. In addition, the Writer has a formatting option as well as a lock function for the NFC implant so that it can no longer be overwritten.

The Writer also supports our X1 implants (EM4200 and EM4305), so that serial numbers of RFID i.e. LF 125kHz transponders can also be copied on the back of the Writer. It is also possible to assign new numbers manually, which can be calculated in the program beforehand. In addition

Only X1 implants of type EM4305 can be written. In general, EM4200 cannot be written to. Furthermore, it must be noted that it is a MIFARE® Classic 1K or compatible chipset. You can try this out with our test transponders before implantation.

Supported transponders:
MIFARE Classic® 1KB
EM4200 (Read only)

Step 1:
Connect the USB RFID Reader to the PC and start the program after unpacking it.

Step 2:
Create an image of the host transponder you want to copy by selecting Dump File and confirming with the “Read” button.

Step 3:
Now import the DUMP file by selecting the “Import dump” button. Now drop the transponder or NFC implant onto the Writer and confirm the cloning process with “Write Type-A”.