NFC RFID Reader Multi-UID V2


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NFC RFID Reader with USB and free output format

With this USB NFC RFID Reader the serial numbers of our NFC implants can be read and freely configured with our program.

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With our new NFC RFID implant reader, NFC tags or optional RFID tags, i.e. 125KHz transponders, can also be read like the previous version. With the corresponding software, you can also determine how the UID, i.e. serial number, can be read out. This is especially advantageous if you are bound to a formatting and or looking for an alternative from the conventional reader. Also this version does not need a driver and is pre-configured to HEX format. In addition, it is now possible to copy existing UIDs / serial numbers into the supplied program to be able to determine the correct formatting, since this is converted directly in the configuration program.


Furthermore, this reader has a higher range and is also available as 125KHz, so that X1 RFID implants can also be read and transmitted formatted via keyboard output.


The NFC RFID Reader supports several chipsets of the ISO standard 14443A. The MIFARE® Classic transponders and NTAG216 chips. If you decide to use the LF (125KHz) version, EM4100, EM4200 and EM4003 can be read in.

13.56MHz version:
MIFARE® NTAG213,215,216

125KHz version:
EM / TK 4100
EM / TK 4200
EM / TK 4305


Step 1:
Connect the USB RFID Reader to the PC and start the program after unpacking it.

Step 2:
Select the option how you want to read in the UID with the reader in the future and confirm this with the button “Settings format”. To check which setting is currently stored, you can click the Retrive format button.