Your chip implant as a means of payment for cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to penetrate the middle of society, so it is only a matter of time before this currency is accepted at many POS cash registers and payment terminals in addition to VISA / Mastercard.


The open source app BitNFC makes it possible to store Bitcoin addresses so that they can be retrieved again using the app. You can store mBTC (Micro-Bitcoin) i.e. fractions of a Bitcoin on the implant and manage it as a wallet as usual. The great thing about this app is that it is available in OpenSorce and can be downloaded completely free of charge from the website. If you want to tinker with it yourself, you can download the source from Github and edit it.


The most compelling thing about the app is that by means of the blockchain, the Bitcoins that are on the X2 Chip implant “neutralize” themselves after use. The address does not change, but the blockchain adjusts the value of addresses, i.e. Bitcoins. Specifically, if you load 0.02 BTC on the implant and use this address to make a payment of 0.02 BTC, this address, i.e. wallet, has a value of 0.00 BTC without the need to synchronize with your smartphone.

Please note that Bitcoin addresses are only safe until they are copied. Please refrain from storing larger wallets with high BTC value on the implant. More on bitcoin theft here.

Required software

Hardware needed

X2 NFC Chip Implant

Required memory



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