Using the monthly pass as an implant for ticket control

The ticket inspector is approaching and you are sure you have packed the monthly ticket… However, you realize that you must have forgotten it at home. This can no longer happen to you with our X2 implant. You can identify yourself with our NFC chip implant at the driver’s cabin at the check-in device as well as at the ticket inspectors’ devices.

But how do you get the ticket onto the NFC chip implant? Not at all. This function is similar to the membership card replacement at the gym. You can deposit your serial number at your local transport company or read it from the original card. The checkin device then only checks the serial number for access authorization by having the software call up your record in the system. With which serial number the software does this is not relevant here as long as this also fits to your data set. According to user experience, this is already possible in the Rhine-Main area. The responsible transport association here is RMV.

Please note that each transport authority can decide for itself whether to replace the serial number of the monthly pass with the serial number of the NFC implant.

Required software

Transportation network with
NFC management software

Hardware needed

X2 NFC Chip Implant
X3 / X3 Elite Chip Implant

Required memory



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