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How records work in conjunction with UIDs

Chip implants that include all RFID like the X1, are passive transponders without their own energy source. This means, an active transponder, an antennae, is always necessary to radiate and supply it with energy. A small energy source is sufficient to read or script an implant.

The NFC implant is made up of different sectors on which data can be saved. Sector 0 holds the UID serial number (unique permanent identification). This is mainly used for identification with house automats and locks. The number can be interpreted in several ways (HEX/DEZ) and is a permanent feature on the chip. This sector cannot be manipulated or overwritten. Further sectors follow with ongoing numbers. These blocks are scriptable and used by apps and licenses to personalize or add additional security features. The caption left „r“ (read) „w“ (write)“ display which blocks can only be read , scripted or both. Smartphones usually read however many blocks are needed until a sector is recognized as an application and thus performs it. As shown here, a memo is being started.



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