Your own DNA always with you as an Excel spreadsheet? Admittedly – something strange and about the benefit can certainly be speculated. Due to the demand we have nevertheless decided to show a way how this is possible.


MyHeritage, for example, is a DNA kit provider dedicated to creating pedigree and geographic probabilities of origin. Regardless of the actual business model, after the kit has been analyzed, it can be downloaded from the user area as shown in the screenshot.


After the export request, you will receive an email with a download link containing the DNA data packed as Excel in a zip file. This file is about 6MB in size when packed and about 20MB in size as a raw file. Of course, this is much too large for an NFC implant, so this file can be used e.g. for a NFC implant. to Dropbox or other cloud providers and link them using the share link.

Required software account
App NFC Tools or similar

Hardware needed

X2 NFC Chip Implant
X3 / X3 Elite Chip Implant
NFC X Range Chip Implant
X4 Chip Implant


NFC compatible smartphone

Required memory



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