RFID NFC Reader USB X2R Stick

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RFID USB stick with 13.56MHz or optional 125KHz module for reading the UID of NFC chip implants via USB or USB C interface.

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The NFC RFID Reader Stick with USB interface, allows the reading of the UID (serial number) via PC or Android smartphone. The RFID reader can therefore also be used as an alternative log-in method. For this purpose, one usually uses the PIN function of Windows. The device can also be operated by means of an adapter. The USB stick does not require an additional driver, but is automatically added by Windows as a keyboard.


The reader itself is available in two versions. Please check which version you need before ordering. You can try to read the NFC transponder with your smartphone. The “NFC Tools” app can be helpful for this, as it shows you the transponder type. The following NFC transponders are supported:

13.56MHz version:
MIFARE Classic® 1-4KB
MIFARE NTAG213,215,216

125KHz version:
EM / TK 4100
EM / TK 4200
EM / TK 4305

Adapter options

If the UID of the NFC implant or NFC transponder is to be read out via smartphone, a USB C adapter and a USB C port on the corresponding smartphone are required. Compatible USB C adapters can be ordered optionally.


If you want to change the output format, we will provide you with the necessary software. This software is not necessary for operation and is only needed to change the output format.

Step 1:
Connect the USB stick to the PC and start the program after unpacking it.

Step 2:
Select the option how you want to read in the UID with the reader in the future and confirm this with the “Set” button.