X2R Mobile USB C
RFID NFC Reader für das Smartphone

RFID NFC Reader USB C X2R Mobile


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Mobile RFID NFC Reader with USB C connector, for reading the serial number (UID) via smartphone. Alternatively, the RFID NFC reader can also be connected to the PC with a corresponding adapter.

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The NFC RFID Reader with USB C interface enables the reading of the UID, i.e. the serial number, via smartphone or PC. The RFID reader can be easily connected to an Android smartphone. The power supply is ensured via the smartphone, so the RFID Reader with USB C does not need a battery or additional rechargeable battery. The USB C RFID Reader can also be operated via a USC extension cable and is therefore an absolute all-rounder and can be used in many ways. The serial number, i.e. the UID of the NFC / RFID transponder is copied directly at the actively selected Courser position and a Return (Enter key) is added, so that with applications this is confirmed or a New line is opened in a list.

125kHz version
EM4100, EM4200, EM4305, EM4102
13.56MHz version
MIFARE Classic 1-4K, MIFARE NTAG 213,215,216, MIFARE DESFIre EV1 and EV2

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