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RFID Implant X1


RFID implant with sterile injection needle

The RFID implant for home automation and access technology

This implant has the LF RFID technology and can thus be integrated into existing locking systems. Thus, the batch or transponder card becomes obsolete. If you are unsure if this technology fits your access system, we recommend a test card or test implant for compatibility testing.

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RFID Implant X1

The RFID set X1 includes an RFID chip implant type EM4200. Measuring up to 2mm x 12mm, it is placed in a safe, bio-compatible case made by SCHOTT. The RFID implant is sent to you in a  sterile injection package. This version is not an NFC chipset like the X2 or X2 Elite, thus not compatible with smartphones.

Please note that the X1 RFID implant does not have any data storage to read or transcribe and cannot be used with a smartphone, unlike the X2 or others. This version is only for access controls. Find out more in one of our articles.

Testimplant X1
Non-sterile implant for testing the compatibility of lock cylinder or home automation


RFID Testcard
Test card in EC card format to check the compatibility regardless of the range


What is the difference between other implants?

RFID is based on 2 to 3 different technologies; LF-, HF-, and UHF-technology.  UHF is more or less irrelevant for us as it isn’t used for for our implant technology. We differentiate between an LF implant (low frequency) when it comes to smartphone compatiblity which is non-existent and signal range. The LF version is satisfactory on this aspect (signal range) but remember that all other functions that are required when using a smartphone are not available.

Package Contents

Symbol NFC Implantat mit Injektionsnadel

Sterile wrapped implant,
preloaded in a hypodermic needle

Symbol für Pflaster NFC Implantat

10 plaster strips, extreme
waterproof, transparent

NFC Implantat Desinfektionsmittel

Disinfectant Bode Cutasept®
F50 ml bottle. Product Information

NFC Implantat X2 Guide

Little guide for getting started
with website references

Wundpflaster für NFC Implantat

MaiMed® porefix wound dressing
2 pieces, 7 x 5

 Sterile Handschuhe für Injektion

MaiMed® Copolymer
Examination Gloves