NFC Testcoin X3 Compatible


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Testcoin for an X3 compatibility test

This is an NFC RFID coin with a MIFARE Classic compatible chipset and is therefore identical to an X3 implant.

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This coin has the same chipset as the X3 NFC Implant. This allows you to test whether your existing home automation system, locking cylinder or smartphone is compatible with the X3 NFC Implant. You can thus minimize the risk that the NFC Implant will not work despite matching the specifications with your access control system. However, this should be treated with caution, there are locking cylinders that have a very low-power antenna installed, so it may be that the antenna of the implant is too small to be detected. Even though this is very rarely the case, it should be mentioned for completeness. To be really sure, the test implant is recommended.