NFC RFID Testimplant X3


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Single NFC chip implant non-sterile and without accessories

The NFC implant supplied without a hypodermic needle and open

This implant is intended for testing purposes only. It is not sterile and is offered to test existing systems and smartphones for compatibility.

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NFC Implant X3 Description

NFC implant with 1KB MIFARE® Classic chipset. This chipset is encased in a lead-free organic glass housing from SCHOTT and measures a total of 2mm x 12mm. This version is for testing purposes only and is not suitable for implantation. If you want a full implant, sterile with injection needle and accessories, please choose the X3 package.

After you receive the implant, you can use it to test compatibility. It does not need to be programmed or configured. For example, if you are using an electronic cylinder, you can use the implant as an existing NFC transponder and try to learn it. If you do not have access to the system, e.g. at access controls in the office or in the gym, it is sufficient if you also use the implant as a transponder. If this is rejected, the probability is very high that this transponder type is supported, because the reader unit receives and can process the transmitted information.

Komponente die unser NFC Implantat zum Qualitätsprodukt machen

MIFARE® from NXP Semiconductors / Philips is the world’s largest chip manufacturer of NFC technology. This is built into almost every Android smartphone and contactless smart cards and is characterized by maximum compatibility, due to the worldwide range, as well as by durability.

SCHOTT is a leading German and international technology group in the fields of special glass and glass ceramics. In order to guarantee our NFC implant a robust and safe casing for you, we have chosen a bioglass casing “SCHOTT 8625 transponder glass”. You can find more information about the glass here.