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NFC Implant X4

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Chip implant with 128AES encryption

Large memory, increased security, applications and more.

With this package you get the next generation of smart body upgrades. The implant is not only characterized by the large 2-8KByte memory, but supports up to 32 applications on board and can optionally be encrypted via AES. If you do not want any service, please select “without Service”.

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NFC Implant X4 Description

The NFC Set X4 contains an NFC chip implant of type ISO 14443, which is encapsulated in a biocompatible glass capsule. The implant measures a total of 3x13mm or 3x15mm. This NFC implant is not an NTAG216 or MIFARE Classic® chipset, but an NXP DESFire® EV1 / 2K-8K chipset, which allows data to be secured with AES encryption. In addition, this implant has the advantage of having a very large memory of up to 8 Kbytes.

Special features of the DESFire® EV1 2K chipset

Certified with Common Criteria EAL4 + on both hardware and software implementations. DESFire® has an on-chip backup management system including authentication, so DESFire® can accommodate up to 28 different applications and 32 files per application in the flexible file system.

  • Selectable cryptographic methods are 2KTDES, 3KTDES and AES128
  • Fully compliant with ISO / IEC 14443A (part 1-4) and uses optional ISO / IEC 7816-4 commands
  • DESFire® EV1: 2 Kbyte EEPROM with fast programming
  • Data protection
  • Flexible file system
  • Communication security
  • Roadmap – Standard interface

Please keep in mind that this implant is intended for hobbyists and programmers. Incorrect handling can lead to defective ones. If you are unsure, please choose the X2 NFC implant or the X3 NFC implant. Furthermore, please note that DESFire® chipsets have a different data architecture and are therefore not as extensively compatible as NTAG or MIFARE Classic® chipsets. We recommend the ACS U122 Reader / Writer for writing and formatting.

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Notes without piercer-service

The NFC implant without the intervention of a partner piercer, includes everything needed to place an NFC implant. Please note that with inexperienced implantation, veins and muscle tissue can be injured. Please consult qualified personnel to minimize the risk of injury. You are also welcome to use our partner piercers without the procedure, which can be booked through us. In this case, however, we cannot calculate the costs for the procedure.

Notes with piercer-service

This option includes not only the chip set with injection needle, but we also take care of the payment processing of the injection at one of our partner piercers. You individually make an appointment with one of our piercers. If we do not have a piercer in your area, please contact us and we will find a suitable piercer for you free of charge. Here, too, a 30-day cooling-off period applies.

Notes on the NFC implant in everyday life

These notes are empirical values from customers or in-house tests and not state-approved tests. In exceptional cases or under certain conditions, the notes mentioned below may become invalid.


The NFC implant remains unnoticed at controls. The metal content is too small to be detected by detectors.


The implant can withstand high speeds and is safe up to Mach 3. The NFC implant presses easily into the tissue.


The NFC implant survives a sauna session without any problems. The internal body temperature is automatically regulated by the sweat.


Competitive sports such as climbing or martial arts can be practiced without any problems. To avoid injuries, gloves should be worn when using long guns.


Working with heavy equipment or tools is no problem here, as the NFC implant is optimally embedded in the tissue and thus protected.


If you use a gun professionally, the recoil has no influence on the implant. Semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons of caliber 5.56mm – 9mm were tested.


The diving depth is almost unlimited. This was tested up to 40m, but the NFC implant also holds deeper dives that go beyond the recreational diving depth of about 40m.


Commercially available magnets do not affect the implant. According to many experience reports, even the CT and MRI is harmless.

Testimplant X4
Non-sterile implant for testing smartphone or home automation compatibility


NFC Testcoin
Testcoin in EC card format to check compatibility regardless of range