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Caution before use

Please read these product specifications carefully before use

Our implants come in a sterile packaging. Please check that the paper has not been torn, opened, punctured or gotten damp or wet. The yellow field on the sterile packaging is the indicator for this.

As soon as the packaging is opened, the product cannot be refunded. Please do not open the package until the implant is ready to be set. Opening the package beforehand can increase the risk of infection. Also remember that an injection is more likely to be declined by a piercer if the sterility of the needle is not completely given. The implant cannot be tagged whilst in the syringe as the metal prevents the communication with a smartphone. This is not an indication that the implant is defected.

We highly recommend having the implant injected by a professional. Placing the implant by yourself or through an unskilled person can result in damaging small arteries and muscle tissue, it also increases the risk of infection. Even as a Comfort X2 customer, you can choose from our partner piercers. In case there are no piercers near you, please contact us and we will search for qualified staff – at no charge.

Using the chip as an implant is entirely at your own risk.

A glimpse of the future

A step ahead of evolution.

Purchasing our implant does not end your journey to becoming a cyborg, it starts here. Not only have you purchased an NFC implant, but also a complete support and a constant development of our technology without having to exchange the implant. You are one step ahead of many devices, so that most possibilities that the NFC implant offers are not even completely available yet. There are already several ways to use the implant on our website and there are many more to come.

The possibilities are only limited by our creativity. With over 200 available NFC apps and a large number of NFC devices, you are able to put the implant to your own individual use. Compatible devices can be found in our shop.

  • Not just for people that tend to forget things, but also those who find it unnecessary to carry around a large keychain of metal.
  • Share your media. Whether it is data, a profile or a channel, a short touch and the medium will open.
  • A touch of your hand and connect to Wifi Bluetooth speakers, a hands-free device and many more.
  • Why not send a friend request via handshake or even transfer your business card?

We are constantly researching new abilities that are possible with NFC implants. Check out where we regularly update our tutorials. Looking towards the future shows us that soon every car will be NFC compatible, which would even make a car key redundant. There will even be an add-on set for people who like to tinker with older cars. An emergency pass from I am ROBOT, for people with serious illnesses is already widely accepted and accredited in hospitals. Public transit and cinema tickets, even a will – may still be in the future however, equipped with an NFC implant you are optimally prepared.

Loading a NFC Chip Implant

We recommend accessing for first time with the easy to use ‘NFC Tools’ app that offers many free functions and doesn’t require any know-how. Scan the QR field or search in your Google PlayStore.

The RFID coil that is fundamentally in charge of reception is usually found in the batteries of smartphones. These have various shapes, so it can take a bit until the correct point and angle has been determined. Remember to activate NFC. Find out if your phone is NFC compatible and which chip set you will need either in the data of your phone or under:

You can also find out how to load and scan your NFC implant correctly with the help of out video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Please take notice that the NFC implant cannot be loaded or scanned while it is still in the needle of the syringe. The metal prevents any transfers. Once you have chosen a partner piercer, he or she will test the NFC Tags functions after the procedure.

Reading a NFC Chip Implant

To read the Tag you need an active NFC transponder. This could be an electronic door cylinder or a smartphone. Should you wish to transfer your business card, simply hold your hand to the back of the recipients’ smartphone. Depending on the phone brand, the antennae can be located in different areas, so it may take some practice until you get to know where they are. The good part – the receiving smartphone does not need an app to save and read your data!

Numerous tests have shown that the current SONY Xperia, as well as the Galaxy 4 series by SAMSUNG have proven to be very reliable. These devices were able to reach a reading quota of 96%. To achieve a similar quota with other brands we recommend the tutorial on our website. Please contact us if you wish to use other devices such as access control systems, multi-media devices or scanning devices. There are several differences within the chipsets scanning antennae.

I am ROBOT is active on YouTube of course! We upload new tutorials, new functions and are thrilled to have new subscribers. We have also published on how to use your NFC implant best and the most efficient apps for NFC Tools.

Chip Implants Healing Process

The shown healing process is based on customer testimonies and experiences. Healing can vary depending on the person.

This image was taken immediately after an NFC implanting. The 2.5mm large puncture wound is clearly recognizable. The wound is still open and bleeding a bit – similar to a scratched insect bite. During this healing stage a breathable bandage should be worn to prevent infection.

A water-resistant bandage should be placed on the wound during showering.

You may feel numbness approx. 3cm around the puncture area as a small swelling will occur. The swelling along with the numbness and “pulsating” will reduce after the first few days. Please do not move or push the implant around in your skin during this time.

The 2nd picture is around 3 weeks after insertion. The scab is almost completely gone and there are no foreign body sensations. You cannot feel the NFC implant under your skin when moving your hand. In diesem Heilungsprozess entsteht auch die Narbenbildung. This healing process is called scarring, which means that as soon as the scab has gone completely, a small 1mm scar which is barely noticeable (as seen in the picture) will remain. These pictures can be found in full size on After 6 to 8 weeks the healing process is complete and the wound is entirely mended.



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