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 The NFC chip implant as a guide for alzheimer patients or similar symptoms.

An alzheimer diagnose is a burden and very painful. Every-day routines that used to be easy, are suddenly difficult or become forgotten altogether. This common illness doesn’t just burden the patient, it has a large impact on the daily life of the affected children and/or grandchildren. Families are confronted with completely new challenges.

Symptoms are not only uncomfortable for the patient, they can also be dangerous. People with alzheimers often go astray from their surroundings. Kilometers away, they are then found by passers by or emergency doctors. The first questions are usually “Who are you?” and “Where are you from?”. If the person is carrying a wallet it may take a bit but you can find out who they are where they’re from, whereas if they carry an NFC chip implant, it is easily scanned. Without having to download an app, the smartphone will automatically open Google Maps and determine the route home. Another alternative is to have an emergency contact saved on the implant, this number will show on a smartphone and you can call this contact.

We recommend the use of removable tattoos that indicate the patient having a chip implant. Paramedics and caregivers usually know that chip implants are used to identify alzheimer patients, however often times the affected person may have also forgotten about the presence of his/her chip.

Save contact data like phone numbers on an NFC chip implant, as soon as the NFC compatible smartphone is placed by the chip they will automatically show up. Complete contact data can be saved on a chip, find out more about this function.

Using the NFC tools app it is also possible to provide exact Google Maps coordinates, so that a direct route home is automatically generated. Please advise about data protection with NFC chip implants as the patients address is no longer disclosed and this may be unwanted or can lead to a higher risk of misuse of information.

To be clear- we would like to state, it is self-evident that an NFC chip implant may only be used when a person has granted their permission and agrees to carry one. This goes for all people and without exception.

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App NFC Tools

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X2 NFC Chip Implantat

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