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The NFC chip implant in case of a medical emergency.

First aid isn’t always easy. This doesn’t exclude trained paramedics. First aid becomes a true challenge if the patient is unconscious. Especially if the identity isn’t determinable and decisions need to be made by a doctor or surgeon. Imagine someone suffers an accident while traveling alone or while swimming or at the beach without an ID, the doctors cannot receive any information about this person.

This information can easily be transferred from an NFC chip implant to an NFC compatible smartphone. To read out the information, the staff doesn’t even need an app. The information is saved and opened to the NFC chip implant as a text file and can be arranged in whichever way you wish. Possible information could be:

  • Name
  • Blood Type
  • Contagious Diseases
  • Medication
  • Family Physician
  • Origin
  • Emergency Contact
  • Vaccinations / Expiration

Please remember that anyone who is able to scan your implant with a smartphone, has access to your data. Therefore, choose the data on your chip wisely and keep in mind what information is really essential in the case of an emergency.

Necessary Software

App NFC Tools

NFC Tools Playstore

Necessary Hardware

X2 NFC Chip Implant

NFC compatible smartphone

Necessary Data



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