The NFC chip implant as a signpost for Alzheimer patients or similar symptoms.

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is very stressful and painful. Everyday things that are easy to do routinely become difficult or even completely forgotten. However, this spreading disease is not only a burden and a cut in the daily life of the patient, children and grandchildren are often faced with great challenges that have to be overcome.

Many symptoms are not only very unpleasant but even very dangerous for the sufferer. A common phenomenon, is the escape from the familiar environment. Often the sick are picked up miles away by passersby or rescue workers. The first questions that come up now is, “Who are you?” and “Where do you live?” Now, if a wallet is carried, this can be found out quickly with a few detours. If the patient now has an NFC chip implant, this can be scanned by the nursing staff. Without having to install an additional app, Google Maps automatically opens and the direct route home. Alternatively, a contact person can be entered so that the number is automatically dialed when someone holds their smartphone to the implanted site.

We recommend appropriate washable tattoos that indicate the implant. Often, caregivers and paramedics are aware of the benefits of NFC chip implants, but labeling is advisable, especially if the ill person has lost knowledge of the NFC chip implant.

Store contact information such as a phone number on the NFC chip implant and it will pop up when an NFC enabled smartphone is held up to the implanted location. Also the complete contact data can be stored on the chip. Take a look at this function.

It is also possible with the app NFC Tools to store Google Maps coordinates, so that when touched not only the map opens automatically, but a route is generated directly. Please pay attention to the privacy of NFC chip implants here. Thus, the place of residence of the ill person is communicated, which may not be wanted and leads to an increased risk of misuse of the data.

Just for completeness, we mention that it is taken for granted that NFC chip implants are only used on people who give their consent. In principle, this applies to all people without exception.

Required software

App NFC Tools

NFC Tools Playstore

Hardware needed

X2 NFC Chip Implant
X3 / X3 Elite Chip Implant

NFC capable smartphone

Required memory



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