Never forget passwords again. Log in to Windows and many programs with an NFC chip implant without the hassle of entering passwords. This requires an NFC chip implant and, if not installed in the laptop, an NFC reader, which we also offer in the store. In the video tutorial I explain how to log in to Windows with NFC, but this method can also be used for programs, because the reader is recognized as a keyboard. After login, the reader automatically adds an “ENTER” so that you confirm the input immediately after the reading process.

Although the alpha-numeric serial number of your implant provides ample protection against password-cracking software, the greatest protection is individuality. Therefore, do not use your NFC implant for login for all websites and programs.

Required software


Hardware needed

X2 NFC Chip Implant
X3 / X3 Elite Chip Implant

NFC Reader

Required memory



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