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This is not an instruction on how to implant the chip by yourself, it is a guideline for piercers and professionals for the best results.

The implant is set like a regular surface piercing. This means it is placed between the lower skin layer (subcutis) and the fat tissue. Take care not to damage muscle tissue or veins. It is advisable to grip the underarm and have the client make a fist several times so as to see larger veins. You may also find it helpful to shine through the skin layers with an LED light.

Normally the implant is placed between thumb and forefinger. This has several advantages- for one you can interact with your hand best, e.g. smartphones or electronic locks. The skin is thinner in this area which makes for better connectivity to devices.

Check if the Bio-glass case is intact by removing the safety clip and plastic case. To do so, press the small insert piston forwards until about 3mm of the implant are shown. If the glass case has not been damaged during transport you may proceed. After ensuring that neither veins nor anything similar may be injured by the syringe, pinch the skin in the area that the chip is to be inserted with your thumb and forefinger. In order to prevent the implant from sliding down, be careful to avoid bone or the conjoining skin that builds the hollow between thumb and forefinger.

Penetrate the lowest point of the pinched skin and push the syringe appx. 10mm under the skin. Applying some pressure, push the injection completely down. Extract the injection. Carefully pull the needle out and press the punctured area closed to prevent possible air cavities. Afterward, use the bandages from the set, in order to protect the wound from contamination. This should be worn at least 2 days and should be changed on the following day.

With the X3 implant (Version 3x13mm), you only need a skin opening with the contained needle (blade) and then insert the implant. The guidelines and other instructions do not differ.



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