iPhone users without NFC – and now?

Apple devices from the iPhone 7 onwards can read and write NFC tags and thus also NFC implants, but unfortunately not all NFC tags / chipsets. Strictly speaking, the chipset of the iPhones would be able to write to almost every transponder, but Apple restricts the NFC usage depending on the iOS, so that the NFC controller cannot be fully controlled. To get around this problem, we recommend the X2 for iPhone users. This can be controlled completely without formatting or the like. If you still decide to use the X3, the chipset has to be described with an Android smartphone beforehand. This process is only necessary once, after which the X3 chipset can also be written to and read from with an iPhone as often as desired.

Go To Tags – Windows App

The Windows application of GoToTags allows to describe NFC tags and therefore also NFC implants. The software is available free of charge after a short registration. The software controls the CCID USB reader and offers many features that outshine many paid Android apps.

Connect reader and start program

After the program is installed and started, the program checks the current Internet connection to provide a version update if necessary. Furthermore, the COM ports, i.e. the USB sockets of the PC, are checked to see whether a reader is already connected. This can also be done later. A drop down menu also allows switching between multiple NFC writers.

Format X3 and X3 Elite

In order to be able to read the X3 and the X3 Elite with the smartphone in the future, a formatting is required so that common smartphones can handle the memory forum. To do this, select the Hammer icon from the menu at the top. You can then place the implant / hand on the reader. If the read-in is successful, the implant is formatted.

Read NFC implant

If a Writer has already been connected, it appears in the list and has already been initialized. If this is not the case, the reader may not be compatible with the software. We can therefore only support our reader and ensure that it works. The implant can now be read in. As soon as the green lamp on the reader lights up, the implant has been detected. The program will then also display this at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the image below.

Available NFC functions

GoToTags has a set of preconfigured writing functions, so no programming knowledge is needed. As soon as you select an option, a ready-made mask opens in which you only have to enter the parameters such as link, address data etc. Everything else is done by the program.

Additional features

The program also supports a tab that turns the actual Writer into an HID Reader. With these various functions, for example. The UID can be output or a text can be opened in the editor.

Problems describing the NFC implant

  • The USB port is defective
  • The port is blocked by another device (double connector)
  • The implant was placed less than 4 days ago
  • The reader is defective or the hand is not resting properly


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