Is your transponder blocked by a license and therefore cannot be taught to locking systems or check-in devices? We would like to show you how you could still copy transponders with copy protection or license keys for test purposes.

Please check independently if you violate any license rights during the copying process. We cannot accept any liability for damages or claims for compensation. This is a purely theoretical manual for private use. Furthermore, it should be noted that in any case a backup is created before programming and the X3 Elite can no longer be edited without formatting NFC Tools or Android after the copy process!

If you want to copy an ordinary transponder, this small tutorial will help you:

  1. Installing the prerequisites:
    apt-get install pcscd pcsc-tools libpcsclite-dev libpcsclite1 libusb-dev git
  2. Edit block list for drivers:
    nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-libnfc.conf
    blacklist pn533-usb
    blacklist pn533
    blacklist nfc
  3. Restart the computer or execute the following commands:
    modprobe -r pn533-usb
    modprobe -r pn533
    modprobe -r nfc
    Must always be done without reboot if NFC Device is displayed as Busy if USB Device Busy

  4. Install standard NFC driver:
    apt-get install libnfc-bin libnfc-dev libnfc5
  5. Check whether the reader is recognized:

  6. nfc-list
  7. Install miLazyCracker
    cd ~
    mkdir nfc
    cd nfc
    cd miLazyCracker
  8. Change to the working directory and start miLazyCracker
    cd ~
    cd nfc
    mkdir mydumps
    cd mydumps
  9. Expenditures:

Do not wait too long. Press Enter at 2000-3000 nonces (or wait for the process to start by itself).

The yellow marked cracking took about 5h with 16 CPU cores.

The whole thing repeats with the key B [lasted min. 20min].

All sectors are output

Place the target tag on the NFC reader (e.g. X3 Elite) and press Y+Enter.

Data is written

10. compare tags:
10.1 Put source tag on reader, run “nfc-list” and remember UID
10.2. Place target tag on reader and run “nfc-list”. UID should match that of the source tag

You can copy the source tag faster after the successful run of miLazyCracker, because a file named “mfc_XXXXXX_foundKeys.txt” (X=UID) is created in the directory. In it there are keys A & B. Backup of them is also recommended. Directory:



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