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Chip Implant!? seriously?

From human to cyborg using a chip implant or just harmless piercing?

Implanting a chip can be a powerful ally in a technologically complicated world …

That shocks for the time being. Understandable! You bring films like “in time” or other science fiction films that represent total enslavement and surveillance of citizens. However, a chip implant does not provide it – at least not ours.

The NFC chip is a way to identify yourself as a person. If a terminal device supports NFC like many current smartphones, you can use a chip implant to connect the device to a device. B. Unlock if you only hold it in your hand or connect to the Wifi. When you receive guests at home who want to use the Wifi network, a quick check in with his hand, without giving out the password. An additional app on the respective smartphone is not necessary.

The possibilities meanwhile go much further. Siko and other companies are already making NFC locks, so the apartment key and access card will soon be a relic. Even new cars have NFC to unlock and start the engine. The chip implant is always configured on the device, so you do not need to replace it when you buy a new device. The transmission works up to 5 cm and is of course possible without a battery. The pulse of the terminal is sufficient for the query of the identification number and data.

An example of this function would be the typical swimming pool stay. You get a bracelet with NFC chip in the entrance area. There is a number stored on it. Now the food and drinks are not stored on the chip when shopping, but the POS system stores your ID from the NFC chip with the selected product in the POS system. If you pay later at the exit, your NFC chip will be rescanned and reconciled with the food stored in the POS system you ordered. If you lose this chip, high flat rates will come towards you. In addition, your locker may be empty and you only need to come home with a towel – without a key. Meanwhile, many discotheques are already working with NFC chips. Thanks to a chip implant, the ever-checking grip on the punch card will soon be a thing of the past.

We do not sell loose NFC chips, because you can lose them like a key, but offer the possibility to implant a chip implant (slightly larger than a grain of rice) with the corresponding injection needle itself. As this of course involves risks, we are currently establishing links with Piercern nationwide to handle this procedure professionally.

Advantages that speak for a chip implant:

  • No loss of the key
  • Contains no private information such as a purse (first and last name, address, photo, authorization cards, bank details, signature …)
  • Absolutely location-resistant (no GPS) and is not even recognized because of the small amount of metal from the airport

Current application possibilities:

  • Locks (front door and car)
  • Smartphone support
  • Businesscard transfer
  • Transfer of membership cards / access authorization cards
  • Payment option to Bitcoin
  • bus tickets

Future applications:

  • Identity card replacement
  • Medical findings (blood type, vaccinations, allergies) in the event of accidents without identity documents
  • Air tickets etc.

We know that the topic is very controversial and privacy advocates clap their hands behind their heads. However, those who are concerned with the technology quickly realize that you do not run the risk of becoming a transparent citizen, because every smartphone is a lighter and far more interesting target than a chip containing just a number.



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